Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

A recent IPCC report suggests it’s a red alert for humanity, further elucidating the need for more conscious choices. Did you know that even one conscious decision from your side can help you and our Environment revitalize? If not, let’s dive deeper!

Proteins form an essential component of our body. To get the recommended daily intake of protein, many people prefer taking protein supplements. Adding an extra dose of protein powders can boost your overall health and wellness. However, if you want a 100% chemical-free plant-based protein powder, then you must try our Hemp Protein Powders.

Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

In general, plant-based protein powders are a good choice for every conscious consumer, but most of these powders contain pea protein which can be highly processed with chemicals. Here, our hemp protein powder can be your go-to snack for pre and post-workouts. With the nutrition of hemp, your body will get an organic boost of energy. Also, Hemp protein powder has all essential amino acids, minerals, healthy fats, and fibers as a high-quality protein. In brief, it is a complete set of proteins an average human body requires. 

Here’s how hemp protein powder benefits you:

Easily Digestible

Plant-based proteins can be difficult for some people to digest; however, hemp protein contains edestin and albumin, making hemp protein powder the only plant-based protein that is easily digestible.

Rich In Fiber

High fiber diets offer many health benefits such as improved blood sugar levels, healthier gut bacteria, etc. The quantity may vary; still, on average, every 30gms of Hemp protein contains 7-8 gms Of fiber. It can help fulfill the recommended daily fiber intake in men and women.

Contain Unsaturated Fats

Hemp protein is good for heart health as it contains the requisite amount of omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fats in an ideal 3:1 ratio.

Rich Source Of Minerals And Antioxidants

Hemp seeds contain a rich amount of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, copper, etc. In addition, these seeds also contain compounds like lignanamides that have good antioxidant properties. 

Hemp Protein - A Conscious Choice!

Whatever we consume comes from nature and goes back to nature along with our human bodies. Thus, it becomes our duty to move from using a sustainable lifestyle as a hashtag to actively incorporating holistic changes in our everyday lives. One step can help save our planet and future generations from suffering. It is high time we make and adopt some crucial lifestyle changes in a sustainable direction. Ditching your old protein for hemp plant-based protein is that conscious step. Hemp can help humankind move from degenerative farming practices to regenerative farming.

How Does Hemp Benefit The Environment?

Hemp is a great sustainable crop. Almost every part of hemp, from leaves to roots, has a use in any of these industries- pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, food, etc. thus, it leaves a minimal to zero footprints on earth while efficiently supplying many of humankind’s needs. Here’s a brief insight into how hemp is a good step sustainably:

Reduces Chemical Pollution

Hemp is one of few plants that do not require any special conditions for cultivation. Plus, it cleans toxins from the soil, thereby reducing chemical pollution.

Regenerative Agriculture

Hemp doesn’t require pesticides and fertilizers; still, it can replenish the soil by supplying essential nutrients to it and thus restoring the health and fertility of the ground. It helps farming and agriculture become more sustainable and regenerative.

Carbon Sequestration

Hemp can grow quickly and thus absorbs the carbon from the air and stores it back in nature. It can help minimize the carbon footprint of humankind to a considerable level.

Needs Less Amount Of Water

Hemp utilizes very little water for growth in comparison to other crops.

Releases High Levels Of Oxygen

Given hemp’s carbon sequestration properties, it is known to release a good amount of oxygen into the atmosphere.

How Is Hemp Protein A Solution?

While the above reasons are good to convince you to ditch your protein powder for an organic, sustainable, vegan, and chemical-free hemp protein powder, it is also a conscious step for every environmentally conscious person. What you, I, our community, and the world need is not hollow promises but a direction towards sustainable choices. The Good & True is working together with farmers of the U.S. to bring you the best hemp protein powder that replenishes and revitalizes you in mind, body and spirit. So, are you ready to move ahead and opt for a consciously manufactured and delivered product? If yes, check our products!
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