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Fueled by The Good & True's clean U.S. grown organic hemp-based protein + superfoods for nutrition on the go!

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The Good & True's first product line is a nutrition system that showcases the NEW star of the show: U.S-grown organic plant-based protein powder! This is NOT the old green nasty protein powder of yesterday grown in Canada or Europe. Add 3 of our nutrient-dense mixes per week into your diet for 4 weeks and re-mineralize your body and help re-mineralize soil as well.

  • Our Ethos

    The Good & True believes we are all here on this planet to express our Authentic Selves and add Goodness, Truth and Beauty. We have become disconnected from our food, the soil it is grown in and each other. The global agro-industrial complex favors large-scale, extractive forms of growing food with chemicals which deplete natural resources, community well-being, and nutrition of our food. The Good & True is changing this old system by creating products that are clean, nutrient-dense, organic, ethically sourced, grown and processed without chemicals, that benefit both people and planet.